CHIJMES Dallas, the beautiful boutique hotel and event space located in North Oak Cliff is closing after October 12, 2019. The CHIJMES lease has been terminated with the new ownership.

The Owners’ Story

We once had a dream to own a hotel, to create a place that combined some of the experiences of a son and mom had when traveling. To create a place that memories were made, and stories were shared. Hours and hours were spent in the details as the tag line, “a haven for those who wander” materialized. Blood, sweat and tears were poured into this building.

Her son, Keaton, and she were to manage CHIJMES together. Keaton would be the charming, handsome and the quite talented face of this magical place. His style and creativeness were much of the design. She would balance the duo with the back of the business. Their wandering together had a devastating end as Keaton chose to leave this world in February 2018, just months before opening. Although devastated, she was determined to complete what they had started and poured all she could into this venture.

The most interesting people have wandered through the doors. She has cherished witnessing the bonding of love, the giving for charities, the kindness shown when celebrating the life of loved ones and the many other amazing events. Each person has had a story, and she has treasured each. To welcome you as a stranger and have you leave as a friend has been a gift. There is not and maybe will not be a place such as CHIJMES in Dallas again.

Something in the bones of this building has had such peace – maybe it is the hearts of all that had gathered here over the buildings’ years. Many say, there are spirits at CHIJMES, protecting this place. Whomever it is, they have loved this building as much as she.

Some details on the building. The dragon on the side of the building was painted on Keaton’s 30th birthday, just months after losing him. He was born in the year of the dragon. The dragon is a fierce protector that is very loyal to his companion.

The dog on the side of the building is Bevo, one of their loved dogs. His heart is red and bright, looking up at the Dragon, beating for all that have enjoyed their time at CHIJMES.

Last, the wings on the side of the building are for the angels that have surrounded all and wings for those that want to fly.

The lock wall in front of the building, she hopes the new owners will keep. Many locks have been added to this and she hopes many more will have that opportunity. It’s a place to lock your story, lock your love and friendships to those that are in your hearts.

She can only say THANK YOU from the bottom of her heart for making CHIJMES a magical place.

The grief of losing a child is unbearable. Andra has said to many, ”I could add all of the sad days or tough events in my life up to February 18th, 2018 and all added together, would not equal that one moment the Dallas Detective told me Keaton was gone.”

Please do not forget - September is National Suicide Prevention Month. Her heart goes out to all that has lost their child or loved one to suicide. May God be with you.

SUICIDE HOTLINE # 1.800.273.8255 Text HELLO or HOME to 741741
Suicide Crisis Center of North Texas Hotline – 214. 828.100