Inspired by the world travels of a mother and her son, CHIJMES is a truly unique, intimate destination with a story to tell in Dallas’ eclectic Oak Cliff community. The boutique hotel and event venue is a heartfelt tribute to the boundless journeys of Andra Maldovan, founder of CHIJMES, and her son Keaton, which began when he was only two years old. Guided by a profound passion to explore distant destinations and experience diverse worldly cultures, their wanderlust has led them to five continents and countless countries, to call Singapore home for several years, and to enrich their lives throughout their adventures.




Amid their extensive travels, a dream was born to create an extraordinary experience which embraces individuality and brings together diverse people and cultures. Andra imagined a boutique hotel, where treasured keepsakes from their journeys would be showcased, and guests from all walks of life would cross paths. In a moment of serendipity, she discovered a 1940s community church which had been abandoned, and she leapt at the opportunity to realize her ambitions.




In the countless months that followed, Andra and Keaton tirelessly dedicated themselves to transforming the church, which had become weathered and worn over the years, into a beautiful, awe-inspiring space for weddings, meetings and events. Together, they planned and revitalized the venue, adding twelve distinct, culturally-inspired hotel suites, and distinctive meeting spaces for corporate events and intimate gatherings. Art and artifacts from diverse cultures and locales throughout the world are infused throughout the property. Named after Andra and Keaton’s favorite place to dine in Singapore, which shares its name with a revitalized historical convent, the charming property became CHIJMES.

To anyone yearning for unique experiences and worldly connections, our doors at CHIJMES are open to everyone. We invite you to contact us when planning  your next event, or if you simply need a place to escape the ordinary.



Throughout their journeys, Andra and Keaton have been passionate about giving back to the community, both at home and in the cultures they discovered, raising awareness and much needed funds for many deserving causes. Caring for CambodiaSPCA International – Operation Baghdad Pups, and National Suicide Prevention are a few of the worthy organizations to receive their steadfast support because of the important missions and critical services provided to those in need.